Sweden… 4 days was far too short, but had I been there any longer my wallet would be in some serious pain! It was such an amazing place, but it was quite expensive (even by US standards).

We flew to Sweden and had a layover in Ukraine. We also had layovers in Ukraine during our trip to Greece. We have officially spent more time in the Ukraine airport than we did in Latvia. So there’s that fun fact!

We stayed at the Generator Stockholm hostel while we were there, and though it wasn’t a super cheap option, it was a FANTASTIC hostel and the location was prime! It was well worth it! The beds were super comfy and we had our own bathroom in the room! Couldn’t have been better!

The first day, we went to a performance at the symphony which was close to our hostel. We spent $6 and sat right behind the orchestra! It was pretty awesome!

The next day was my favorite day! My senior year of high school, there was an exchange student from Stockholm who I became close with. So naturally I had to call her up and meet up with her! It had been 3 years since I had seen Alice, and it was SO good to catch up! She showed us around Gamla Stan (Old Town) and took us to Fotografiska for lunch and to browse the exhibits (I highly recommend the lunch at Fotografiska, it was really good in my opinion). She was a fabulous tour guide, but mostly I just loved getting to see her again! We even recreated my favorite dance picture of all time from when we were in a group together for the Sweethearts dance (shout out to Bailey and Kierra for helping recreate it)! Pretty much it was one of the best days ever!


That night, we took a walking tour around Gamla Stan that was done by Stockholm Ghost Walking Tours. Pretty much, they take you around Gamla Stan at night and tell you stories of murders and things throughout history. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! It is not super scary if that isn’t your thing, but it does offer an interesting perspective into the history of Stockholm! It isn’t for everyone, but I LOVED it! And I seriously would recommend it above anything else! It was about $20 per person, but it was so well worth it!

So naturally, if you go to Sweden, you have to try Swedish meatballs! Okay, so let me tell you THE BEST place to try them (not that I tried them anywhere else, but these were so good I don’t have to in order to know they’re the best): Meatballs for the People. Even the name is awesome! Seriously, it was so good! I have a 6 hour layover in Stockholm on the way back to the US and I’m trying to figure out if I have time to leave the airport and go get some more meatballs because they were that good! Especially with the lingonberries! Oh man… my mouth is watering just thinking about it!


This was after I had taken a few bites, I couldn’t wait to taste it long enough to snap a picture first!!!

We took a little trip out to Drottningholm Palace, which was incredibly beautiful! We didn’t pay to go inside, but just the grounds were breathtaking! I would highly recommend this trip to anyone! It takes about an hour and a half to get to from central Stockholm, but it was so worth the trip!

Drottningholm Palace 1.jpg

I honestly can’t even begin to say how much I loved Sweden! I truly wish we had had more time to enjoy it, it was so amazing and I hope to go back one day! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!




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