Okay, okay. So I have really slacked off on blogging, I apologize! But I am going to really push to get you up to date on everything that has been going on, because there is so much to talk about! So here goes!

The best thing about teaching in Europe is that there are so many places available for you to travel to! You can easily spend a weekend in a whole different country! Seriously, just go down to the bus station and buy a $30 bus ticket and you can go pretty much anywhere you want!

A few weekends ago, we took a quick trip to Riga, Latvia. IT WAS SO COLD! I hadn’t had to bundle up like that for a long while! We just explored the Old Town, which was so pretty! But truthfully, it wasn’t my favorite place. It was beautiful, but that was about it. We didn’t encounter many of the kind people that we had grown accustomed to meeting in Europe, and everything was expensive (okay, so it was on par with prices in America. But when you’re living in Lithuania and you are used to getting a whole meal for 3.90€ it seems really expensive). And I probably didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have because I was sick as a dog the whole time and just wanted to drink some tea and lay in bed all day. But, if that is my worst experience in Europe so far, I would say I’m doing pretty well! Honestly, if the weather had been better and I was feeling better, I think I probably would have liked Riga.

Hill of Crosses… Probably the most random place ever. It is literally a hill that is covered in crosses, like COVERED. The story goes that during the Soviet Occupation a monk went to the hill and placed a cross to designate it as a place of peace during such terrible times for Lithuanians. Since then, people have brought their own crosses to place on the hill and now it is utterly covered with various crosses! It was a rather neat thing to see.

We had tried to make it to the Hill of Crosses once before, but didn’t quite get there. Rasa had helped us figure out which bus to take in order to get there, but she had gotten confused and told us to go to Kryz Kalnis instead of Kryziu Kalnas. But that made for a pretty great story about getting lost in Lithuania. Also, because we got lost the first time, Rasa arranged for one of her friends to be our taxi that day and he also wanted to take us around to other sites on the way. So the day before we were going, Rasa comes into our class to talk to us about it during our break and informs us that the man who will be driving us is in fact a famous Lithuanian race car driver. WHAT? Yeah, not kidding! So shout out to Alfredas for driving us around and showing us videos of you racing and pictures of when your finger got ripped off by the car engine! That was cool!


Say hi to Alfredas!

In addition to Hill of Crosses, we went to many churches and a cool little town! We don’t really know what anything is called because Alfredas didn’t speak English (it made for a very interesting day). But it was all awesome! We also ate at a restaurant that was owned by Alfredas’ friend! So we all took a picture together! It was probably the most random day ever, but it was awesome!


Also, daylight savings came, so we actually finish teaching in time to watch the sunset! And they are STUNNING! Check it out!


Okay, that is all for today! Next adventure, Sweden!


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