When I was young I used to have a fascination with writing.  I wrote so many stories that I was so sure would be the next New York Times Best-Seller, though I never finished a single one.  I was lucky to have family who supported my writing and not only gave me the tools to become a better writer, but also encouraged me to have a vivid imagination.

Though I no longer write, the past fascination with creating stories seems to have crept into my mind in the past few years as I was waiting to see how my life story would unfold.  What I came to realize is that you can’t just sit around and allow someone else to write your story for you, you have to go out and write it yourself.  Of course we will make mistakes that we wish we could go back and rewrite or erase completely, but how interesting would a story be if everything were perfect all the time?  I have learned that mistakes and regret only lead you to trying harder the next time and enjoying it more when you finally get it right.

So this is me, writing my own story.